Heavy Hitters Music is enjoying its 21st year in business, and is a leading provider of vocal and instrumental songs for Film, TV and Advertising. Heavy Hitters Music was a true pioneer in the business of providing independent artist music and songs to the film and television industry. It is one of the first catalogs assembled specifically for the purpose of providing great indie songs in many genres that "work to picture."

Heavy Hitters Music Group also provides quality music clearance and music administration services to the recording, film and television industries. The result is a truly remarkable catalog of songs combined with music clearance and music administration services for a well-rounded all in one music department experience.

CINDY BADELL-SLAUGHTER heads up the company along with husband and co-owner Bill Slaughter. Cindy was Director of Music Operations for CBS Broadcasting Inc. for 10 years.  Prior to that, she worked as Director of Music Clearance for EMG Inc., Warner Bros Television, and Lorimar Productions. Over the years, Cindy handled music administration and/or music clearance for Soundtrack albums, Movies and Mini-Series, countless highly rated television shows such as CSI, CSI NY and CSI Miami, plus On-air Promotion for three networks, FOX, CBS and UPN. Experience matters in this business, and being able to provide clients with excellent music, as well as excellent customer service, is paramount.

ELIZABETH EASON is our music coordinator and Cindy’s executive assistant which means she handles everything! A native of Durham, North Carolina, and a graduate of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Elizabeth is a talented violinist, who is passionate about music, and audio-visual media. 

The Heavy Hitters Music catalog is a well-known and highly respected assemblage of little gems spanning a wide range of musical genres, styles and eras (early 1900’s to Present Day). From sophisticated Jazz Trio/Quartet/Quintets and big band Crooner ballads, to an enormous collection of contemporary Indie Pop, R&B, Country, Rock, Hot Club dance, Hip-hop and Reggaeton. Our music comes from multi-talented Indie Singer-Songwriters, Bands and Artists from all over the World. Click here to view our Jukebox Sampler.

Our collection spans so many Genres that Music Editors, Music Supervisors and Producers, particularly those working with music-driven shows, regularly call Heavy Hitters Music because they know the chances of finding what they need are excellent. There is a distinctively evergreen quality to the catalog at the same time as it is hip and contemporary. It’s potential to meet the source music needs of almost any film and television show is virtually unlimited. Examples of our clients and shows are listed on our Top 100 credits.

Heavy Hitters reputation for quality and high performance, combined with talented award-winning Songwriters, Producers and Composers, has enabled the catalog to offer our clients a wider range of services than ever before, such as custom songwriting and scoring, as well as grow and expand its musical range to the breadth and depth it contains today.

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